Albany's Living Room

In Autumn 2017, I embarked on the journey of starting a coffee shop. With some start up experience and the vision to create a community space I reached out to the people around who balance me out and together we took the first steps. After a few closed doors (and windows) my good friend Jon pointed out some opportunities in Albany and before I knew it we were painting walls, buying equipment, and starting to layout what has since been deemed "Albany's Living room".

Living up to its namesake, Margin Coffee is a place to allow some time in our day to simply be. Like margins on a page, a little room around the edges of life makes it a lot more comfortable.

A healthy local community has always been the goal. So, we welcome everyone through our doors. We roast our own sustainably sourced coffee and also have locally made bagels, pastries, and desserts to accompany your hot or cold beverage. Along with delectables, Margin provides a laid-back atmosphere for you to sit, take a breath and let life slow down for a change.


In March 2019 I married my friend, Marilla. Just over a year later we introduced our son, Peter, into this crazy world. The journey continues and Margin Coffee is always evolving. 

-Gabe Anderson

Third Wave Coffee 

All coffee starts on a farm, but great coffee is nurtured from the farmer to the cup.


The third wave of coffee is a movement to produce high-quality coffee which involves improvements at all stages of production, from improving coffee plant growing, harvesting, and processing, to stronger relationships between coffee growers, traders, and roasters, to higher quality and fresh roasting.


Here at Margin Coffee, we strive to provide an excellent cup of coffee. We've put as much care and consideration into our milks and syrups as we have our freshly roasted beans.

For the aficionados, we offer pour-overs, single origin espresso shots, and specialty drinks that have become synonymous with the third wave coffee movement.

Pour Over Coffee

Gabe Anderson, Founder

Gabe enjoys business almost as much as he does coffee. For many years, a coffee shop seemed merely a dream, but in early 2018, dream became reality when everything fell into place.


David Hurley,

Manager & Head Roaster

David taught chemistry for 6 years, then decided to put it into practice in the science of roasting! Roasting is the culmination of David's skills, passion, and love for coffee.